John Fulton

Ohio State University
Precision Ag & Data specialist


November 29, 2017

09:00  -  09:50

Oakdale Ballroom

Build a Digital Strategy for Your Farm

John Fulton offers great advice on getting data basics right to drive value, moving precision ag to decision ag. This talk will explore recognizing data value, how to archive and share it, how to move it more efficiently to gain value (like turning harvest data into fall fertility maps), how to take data to the … Continued

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November 30, 2017

11:00`  -  12:00

Breakout sessions: Round 3

1. Efficient Data Sharing: Turning Harvest Data into Fertility Plans (Oakdale Ballroom) – John Fulton, Precision Ag & Data specialist, Ohio State University. John takes a deep dive into the struggles and solutions to help make your nutrient management planning process more efficient and cost-effective. Data layers such as yield maps need to be downloaded quickly for … Continued

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